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About us

Cash Back Ads, a branch of Results Marketing, is a certified partner of the Empyr Network. Empyr is a customer acquisition program that targets new customers (clients/guests/patients) for local businesses. Customers that would have never walked into your doors without us. We are able to promote your business to guests on our network of over 1,500 different websites and apps that combined have 100+ million monthly active users. 

This marketing program is based on pay per sale, no more paying for clicks of impressions. Which means you only pay us a small percentage of the revenue that we send you. If we send you no revenue, you owe us zero dollars. It is all tracked real time via credit cards used by customers and you have the ability to look at your progress month after month, and decide if you want to continue with the program or not.

In addition to this wonderful program we offer all other aspects of internet marketing, including: webdesign, seo, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and more. For more information on any of these services please visit or other website.